At Fast Dissertation Help, we always put the interest of our clients at first place and this is the reason why we have offered the best prices for the customers. Though, there are three different packages, one thing is common among all of them and that is high quality of work to the best satisfaction of our clients. Some other factors which will actually help you decide what kind of package suit you are described below:

  • An assignment may have diverse number of pages and as per your requirement you will choose the best package.
  • You might like to follow a specific academic standard and you will have to work according to it.
  • You might have been given specific requirements to achieve in your dissertation and in this case, the prices might vary from the standard option.
  • In case of shortage of time before the deadline for submission is over, you might have to get immediate services.

Price Plan

At Fast Dissertation Help, we could have same prices for all but we decided to break them into three different packages and we did it in the best interest of our clients to give them more options. These are as follow:

Plan 1: Platinum

If you need to write more pages with specific academic standard in which you don’t want to compromise over the quality of work, you might love to get Platinum which will allow you to get the services of a highly qualified writer with more than 5 years of dissertation writing experience. However, it might cost you a little more expensive, especially when you are working on a larger dissertation project.

Plan 2: Premium

If you can’t afford to pay for Platinum but on the other hands, don’t want to compromise over the quality, you would like to check out premium package which will cost you less but will provide you almost the same advantages that you can get in Platinum. The writers will be with minimum two years of experience and they can do great job on your behalf.

Plan 3: Standard

If you think that the prices are still higher for your pocket, you can go for the standard option which will surely be a perfect choice if experience of writers does not really matter to you. When you choose a standard package, you will be assigned a writer with less than one year of writing experience. This is considered to be the most economical package.

Discount Offers

All the above given packages have their own advantages and you can choose any one of them keeping in view your specific requirement. In addition to this, you can also be benefited with the discount offers which are occasionally offered to the clients to help them save some more money.