Refund Policy

Refund Policy

If you have chosen Fast Dissertation Help to work on your project, we request you to read our Refund Policy before you place an order as this will help you get your money back in case, you might not get fully satisfied with our service or prefer to cancel order due to some valid reasons.

Before You Make a Claim for a Refund

When you don’t get 100% satisfaction with the work delivered to you, you will be eligible to make a claim for a refund but there are certain situations in which dissatisfaction may occur such as plagiarism, non-compliance or other related issues. However, before you proceed to make a claim for a refund, you must contact our customer support staff to let themknow about the complaints you have and most probably, you will be suggested free revision sessions.

After Several Rounds of Revisions

Your assignment will be handed over to an expert team of writers for revisions who will try their best to address all your issues. However, if you are not yet satisfied after many revisions, you will be able to file a complaint to customer support staff who might suggest you two options:

  • Option 1 Your task may be assigned to another professional and highly qualified writer in case he/she agrees to fulfil your order efficiently.
  • Option 2: If no other writers are available, the company can offer you a complete refund.

If you go for the other option, there are some terms and conditions which you must follow and these are as follow:

  • Once we deliver completed assignment to our client, he/she needs to make a complaint within the next 72 hours in case they find flaws in work.
  • If our team finds that there are just minor errors or a little delay in delivered content, you may not be eligible to get full refund.
  • In case you don’t want to accept the improvement in content, you can, however, negotiate us for a discount compensation or partial refund.
  • In case a client is mistakenly charged twice or excessively, you need to contact our billing staff/ customer support staff and we will make sure to refund you the extra payments.
  • If you don’t get full satisfaction with our services, you are requested to immediately contact us within 72 hours and let us know about your concerns before you approach a third party for quick settlement.
  • In case Fast Dissertation Help and the clients are failed to make an appropriate settlement within the 14 days of lodging complaint, the client is eligible to approach third party.
  • In case the client directly approaches a third party without letting us know about the complaint, this act will be treated as a breach of agreement.
  • We do not guarantee any grade. No refunds shall be issued based on low or fail grade.